Changes in the world's business climate have affected nearly all of us. Change is no longer a buzzword. It's our daily reality.

Swift Multigraphics was created to face the challenge, adapt to change and help your business move forward and succeed in the new economy.

The Swift Multigraphics supply chain has no unnecessary administrative cost, giving you direct access to the United States of America's best supply partners, workers and craftsmen.


This is a highly fragmented industry where no dominate player reigns. Our goal is to take the mystery out of the buying process by listening and applying the hundreds of years of experience at our disposal.

Lets get printing



It's our job to cut through the clutter to provide promotional product choices that reach out to your audience and form connectedness to your brand. Considerable effort is made to find products that exude a quality look and feel, without breaking your budget.

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A combination of
two objectives
are at work:

Physical Advertising

To introduce your potential customer to your brand, or product for the first time.

Brand Reinforcement

To reinforce and build upon existing brand awareness.

Our team

Ken graduated from St. Lawrence University with a daible major in Economics, BA and Psychology, 88, a combination which was considered rare at the time. Management positions at Marine Midland Bank, Harrington Manufacturing and a long tenure in sales at Cooley Group. Swift Multigraphics was formed in December 2009 and became fully operational about a year later.

Swift Multigraphics was likely the first distributorship in this region to become fully functional through 'cloud computing', before the term was in wide use. Using a blend of propriety software and industry specific software, Swift Multigraphics has already achieved the goal of reconfiguring the customer and product information systems to become 'end to end digital' in scope.

Goals for the future include improvements to the telecommunications system and expansion using the virtual office model.


Ken's personal vision for the industry - distributors need to work much more closely and directly with manufacturers - and avoid adding costly overhead in the supply chain. In the age of the Internet and Smartphone small networks of dedicated sales reps can work at 100% efficiency from home offices without the hindrance and complication excessive distributor overhead brings.

The sales rep of the future works directly for you the customer, and works directly with the manufacturer.

The three P's: packaging. personalization and problem solving are Swift's specialty, Ken's profession.

Ken enjoys spending time with his family, guitar playing, golf, gardening, chess, frequent travel courtesy of cloud computing.

Experience. That is what separates Dick from other representatives. He knows how to operate in today's fast paced. image oriented environment. He has over 30 years of experience creating unique products in the printing and promotional product industry. Dick is familiar with all the latest technology utilized in both industries. and he will help you make smart decisions promoting your brand's public image. His life-long dedication to learning and history with customers in virtually every major industry grouping makes Dick one of the most qualfied sales reps operating in this region. Unusual request? You can count on Dick's knowledge of the market to help you find an obscure product. or find a better way to make an existing product.


Once again, Dick's experience is a valuable asset to you, delivering your message in a timely fashion. He has been directly responsible for forming three major business ventures; all of which achieved success during his tenure. He knows how to put customer interests first. and he knows how to get things done.

Manufacturing custom products is a difficult job. Dick has been up to the challenge for over 30 years and is looking to build on his success, for years to come.

The three P's: packaging. personalization and problem solving are Swift's specialty, Dick's profession.

Dick enjoys golf, cards, antiquing, reading, and bike rides with his dog. He has five children and three grandchildren. He loves to travel with his wife and enjoys visiting his son in San Diego. He volunteers at St. John Fisher College; performs as a “Quality Control" Football Coach at St. John Fisher College; helps with various fund drives; is President of his neighborhood association; and (unfortunately) is a die-hard Buffalo Bills Fan.