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Ken Stahl
Ken Stahl
Swift Multigraphics LLC


Ken graduated from St. Lawrence University with a double major in Economics, BA and Psychology, BS, a combination which was considered rare at the time. Management positions at Marine Midland Bank, Harrington Manufacturing and a long tenure in sales at Cooley Group. Swift Multigraphics was formed in December 2009 and became fully operational about a year later.

Swift Multigraphics was likely the first distributorship in this region to become fully functional through ‘cloud computing’, before the term was in wide use. Using a blend of propriety software and industry specific software, Swift Multigraphics has already achieved the goal of reconfiguring the customer and product information systems to become ‘end to end digital’ in scope.

Goals for the future include improvements to the telecommunications system and expansion using the virtual office model.


Ken’s personal vision for the industry – distributors need to work much more closely and directly with manufacturers – and avoid adding costly overhead in the supply chain. In the age of the Internet and Smartphone small networks of dedicated sales reps can work at 100% efficiency from home offices without the hindrance and complication excessive distributor overhead brings.

The sales rep of the future works directly for you the customer, and works directly with the manufacturer.

The three P’s: packaging, personalization and problem solving are Swift’s specialty, Ken’s profession.

Ken enjoys spending time with his family, guitar playing, golf, gardening, chess, frequent travel courtesy of cloud computing.